C&L acknowledges that inspectors working in certain protest-prone areas are ill-equipped to handle unexpected situations that arise during pipeline construction.

To tackle this specific problem, C&L provides Basic Crisis Negotiation Training to its personnel working in such protest-prone areas enabling them to diffuse/deescalate possible protests while protecting Client’s interests.

C&L is cognizant of the rapidly evolving industry our clients represent. We foster and encourage a culture that incubates respect for our clients and what they provide to the world at large.

In the past our competitors have left their personnel ill equipped to handle volatile environments that they encountered on high profile protest prone projects. C&L has recognized this knowledge gap and took steps to address this is issue by having certified advanced negotiators on staff in management.

In addition, to encourage all our employees to be better negotiators, we provide financial support and incentives to pursue the Executive Certificate in Negotiation through Notre Dame University among others allowing them to acquire a skillset to employ in deescalating and managing the conflicts.

We realize that our clients provide critical infrastructure that is greatly needed and without them our world we be quite different. Being one of the first faces the public might see in the project, we consider ourselves Ambassadors.

You can count on us to represent with pride.